• A walk through downtown Camagüey to get a closed view of building, houses and squares and know about its history and its people life. Customize the tour according to your interest.

    A walking tour of Camagüey

  • Watch a local potter turning clay into art in front of your eyes. Become an artist ant make a pot with your own hands!

    From clay to kiln

  • Admire the exceptional beauty of Limones-Tuabaquey ecological reserve in a trek between big limestone walls to the Bonet Hole.

    Limones Tuabaquey

  • Live the morning routine of the cowboy: to milk the cows, the estate labors and a traditional breakfast. Be part of a genuine countryside experience.

    Cattle and cawboys at dawn

  • Trekk 13 km to Rebelde Cave in a challenging path full of natural beauty.

    Trekking: Fry Base-Rebelde cave

  • How many days? Where do you want to be in? What would you like to do?

    Customize your trip all around Cuba!

Travel to Camagüey, Cuba

Camaguax Tours features a selection of the best excursions in Camagüey. We offer you the best experience in Camagüey, Cuba, guided by people who really knows Camagüey, its culture and legends. Search and book your excursions in Camagüey, Cuba, with Camaguax Tours, a local agency sharing its passion for Camagüey.

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We are specialists in Camagüey destination and Playa Santa Lucia. We can arrange your accommodation according to preferences in any of these two destinations in rental homes or hotels. We can also find accommodation in any destination country.

group tours


These tours are designed for a deeper encounter with Camagüey and its people, therefore they last longer. If you can't find what you are looking for, our specialists will work out a tour program, tailor made for you!

Transfer in Camaguey


Camaguax Tours also offers you a way to move around Camagüey by an affordable list of transfers to and from Camagüey’s destinations.



Class sessions of traditional and popular Cuban rhythms. Learn how to dance, enjoy Cuban salsa! If your passion is art, practice one of the best traditions in Camagüey, pottery, turn the clay into art from the hand of the best potters of Camagüey.



Our way of responding to your desire of visit Cuba without worries. Food, tours, transportation, guide locally can be customized according to your expectations. You can get in touch with the family owner of the house to make you feel like your own.



Plan your meals in Camaguey with us. Here you will find a list of the best Camaguey restaurants. Whether you're looking for a particular cuisine, or just looking for a nearby place to eat, you'll find it right here.

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Arrive Camagüey

By air:

Camagüey International Airport

  • La Habana - Camagüey
  • Habana – Camagüey
  • Puerto Príncipe – Camagüey
  • Canadá - Camagüey

Havana airport – 654 Km 
Cayo Coco airport 
Ciego de Avila airport 
Holguín airport 
Santiago de Cuba airport

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