Plastic Arts Workshop in Camagüey



  • Single room:
1 pax 420 cuc 3 pax 315 cuc
2 pax 340cuc 4 pax 305 cuc
  • Double room:
2 pax 320 cuc 3 pax 293 cuc
4 pax 260 cuc

Two workshops, one of paint and another one of sculpture are at your disposal, both at the Gallery-Workshop of Martha Jiménez in Carmen Square. They consist of three sessions with two hours of duration and each session includes a theoretic section (30 min) and other for practice (90 min). The workshop of plastic arts will get on to three graphic techniques (one during every session): collage, still life painting and drawing, while the pottery one will be about modeling earthen jars and sculpting a mural in relief.

In addition to the three sessions of workshop, the service includes accommodation at a standard particular house in Camagüey city and three excursions with an historic-cultural approach:

  • Welcome to Camagüey: A bici-taxi ride around the historic center of Camagüey, declared as World Heritage Site, where you will be able to appreciate the indisputable architectonic values of this city and take a look of the plazas and churches, iconic symbols of it.
  • The rout of art:  A walk around the galleries of the main plastic artists in Camagüey, where you´ll be able to share with them and admire the creativity and beauty born from their hands.
  • From clay to kiln: A visit to the pottery workshop of Cassanova family, where you will learn about this art and its tradition in Camagüey. You will have the unique opportunity to model an earthen jar by yourself.

By the end, you will have a highest level of knowledge and artistic appreciation and will go home after achieving a close approach to our cultural identity and artistic traditions.


  • Three sessions of the selected workshop
  • Tour Guide(Spanish, English, French)
  • Accommodation at standard particular house
  • First day: Route around the city in bici-taxi.
  • Entrance to Casa de la Trova the first night, welcome-cocktail included.
  • A visit to the pottery workshop of the Casanova family. Possibility to model his own earthen jar.
  • A visit to the galleries of the principal plastic artists of Camagüey.

Important information:

  • If you wish to leave in the afternoon of the fourth day, the price is readjusted for 3 nights of stay.
  • The chronogram can be varied to your convenience, bearing in mind that the possible schedules of the workshop are from 10:00 am to 12:00 m and from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  • Excepting the first night, lunch and dinner are not included in the service
  • • By the end of each session of the workshop of paint, the works created by you can be taken home like a souvenir of this experience. First they will be photographed to file at the gallery.
  • The works created at the ceramics workshop, due to short duration of the same, will not be able to be cooked. If you desire it, you could take them without baking or leave them at the workshop for being cooked. In the latter case, you will be able to pick them up some other time in agreement with the managers of the gallery..