Concerts upon request in Camagüey

Band concert in Camaguey

Chamber orchestra: A concert by Orquesta de Cámara de Camagüey (comprised of 13 to 16 musicians) at Larios Gallery, in the old town. You will never forget an event that encompasses the most refined of folk and the most popular of classical. After the concert, we’ll enjoy a tour of the gallery.

Traditional sextet: A concert by Sexteto Camagüey, the leading group of traditional Cuban music in town. The Spanish colonial architecture and the welcoming tea in Carlos J. Finlay museum will get you in the mood for enjoying the good music.

 Piano and double bass duo: Dúo A Piachere, a chamber group unique in the country, will delight you with a representative sample of their vast repertoire. In Midas Gallery, you can enjoy the chords of this renowned duo.

Traditional group: Son Entero will give you an incredible afternoon full of Caribbean and universal music, such as salsa, timba and jazz. Their name is taken from one of the sonets of our national poet, Nicolás Guillen, and their music comes from the deepest roots of Camagüeyan culture.


  • Tour guide in Spanish, English and French.
  • 45 minutes of concert.
  • Guided tour of the place where the concert takes place.