Milking experience in Camagüey

Milking experience in Camaguey


1 pax 80 cuc 3 pax 40 cuc
2 pax 50 cuc 4 pax 35 cuc


Horseback riding:

+ 5 cuc per pax


A Willy jeep from 1955 will pick you up at 5:00 am to take you to a farm where you will witness the traditional milking of the caws, and, if you like so, do it by yourself. Lassoing the cow and the calf, the cowboy’s rite, feeding the poultry, heeling some injured animal and some other activities, will form an exceptional atmosphere that will make you live a unique moment, getting you closer to the cattle-raising tradition of the ancient Puerto Principe. You may also interact with the local flora and fauna: gooses, ducks, chickens, pineos, guineos, parrots, cateyes, peacock, kestrel, pheasant, horses, rams, fruit trees and sugar cane. To finish, you will fill like a member of the country family when, sitting at the old house table, you share a traditional breakfast with them. At 9:00 am you’ll be getting back to the city, now with a completely new vision of that town forged by centuries from cattle raising and the hard work of its people.

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  • Tour guide (Spanish, English, French)
  • Transportation
  • Sharing with milking men
  • Milking experience
  • A walk around the farm at dawn
  • Having breakfast with a country family

Important information:

  • Location: Rural Farm
  • Time for departure: 5.00 am
  • Length: 4 hours
  • Distance (round trip): 8 km
  • Days available: All days
  • Appropriate clothing: Country clothes: jeans, shirt and boots.
  • Pick up: At lodging place