A trek through mangroves

mangrove exploring experience in Camaguey


1 pax  100 cuc 3 pax  40 cuc
2 pax  55 cuc 4 pax  30 cuc


Box Lunch: +5 cuc


From the old Main Square to the coast of Guanaja, beyond plains and hills, relive a 17th century adventure following the rout of the French pirate who attacked Puerto Principe in 1679. Stories about filibusters, immigrants and slaves weave in an excursion for the bolds and the braves This fascinating tour will take you through a challenging trek between mangroves at the north coasts of Camagüey to get to ruins of the old wharf at La Guanaja town. You might visit a village founded by German colonist on the beginnings of the 20th century, share with local fishermen while you enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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The tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish-Englis-French)
  • Transportation
  • Trek into mangroves
  • Visit to an old town of German colonists

Practical Information:

  • Place: Camagüey, Sierra de Cubitas, north coast
  • Distance (round trip): 120 km
  • Time for departure: Before 8 am
  • Days available: All
  • Trek: 4 km
  • Appropriate clothing and equipment: Comfortable clothes (pants and jersey), walking boots, sunglasses, insect repellent, bottle with water and snack.
  • Lenght: 6 hours