One hour of Cuban Folklore

Rehearsal Session folclor in Camaguey


1 pax  35 cuc 3 pax  20 cuc
2 pax  25 cuc 4 pax  15 cuc


Almuerzo: +10 cuc

Clase de baile: +20 cuc


Basunde, from Congo, Camagüeyan Zapateo and Conga, and Bonito Patua are some of the folkloric dances you will be part of by taking a tour to the headquarters of Folklore Dance Company of Camagüey. Feel the most Cuban rhythms by watching this professional company in a rehearsal session accompanied by live music from its orchestra. Get to know the history of this group of talented dancers from its very director and founder and learn about the rich Cuban culture.

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The tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish-English-French)

Practical Information:

  • Place: Camagüey city
  • Distance: 1 km
  • Days available: company’s rehearsal days, previously coordinated. (Depending on the company’s schedule)
  • Recomended clothing: Casual. Confortable
  • Lenght: 1 hour
  • Time for departure: 9 am