Limones Tuabaquey Ecological Reserve

Hoyo de Bonet Limones Tuabaquey ecological reserve


With transportation

1 pax  90 cuc 3 pax  45 cuc
2 pax  55 cuc 4 pax  40 cuc

Without transportation

1 pax  50 cuc 3 pax  35 cuc
2 pax  35 cuc 4 pax  30 cuc


Box Lunch: +5 cuc

Trek to Pichardo Cave: +12 cuc

Trek to María Teresa Cave: +5 cuc


If you are looking for a relaxing time full of nature, a short walk with few efforts, this is the perfect tour for you. It is a 2 km trek between 45 m tall limestone walls called Los Paredones will take you to The Bonet Hole, a 90 m deep doline with 300 m of diameter. At the same time, delight in watching the flora and fauna of this ecological reserve, getting a closed view of endemic birds such as tocororo, cartacuba and zunzuncito. If you like so, venture yourself into a little more challenging trail to caves full of well conserved aboriginal pictography. The pathway to Pichardo cave includes climbing the side of Tuabaquey Hill, the biggest mountain in the area.

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The tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish-Englis-French)
  • Transportation
  • Entrance fee and guided trail in a natural reserve
  • Trekking path with birdwatching

Practical Information:

  • Place: Limones Tuabaquey Ecological Reserve
  • Distance(car drive, round trip): 75 km
  • Time for departure: Before 10 am
  • Days available: All
  • Trek (round trip): 4 km
  • Equipment and appropriate clothing: Comfortable clothes, walking boots, raincoat, sunglasses, insect repellent, water bottle, a snack.
  • Lenght: 5 hours