From Clay to Kiln

Child artist


1 pax  50 cuc 3 pax  25 cuc
2 pax  30 cuc 4 pax  20 cuc


Lunch: + 10 cuc


This peculiar tour, will take you to the studio and pottery workshop of Casanova Family, heirs of pottery tradition in Camagüey. There you´ll watch a professional working the potter´s wheel and know how a tinajon (big-bellied pot used since the 17th century to gather rain water, and folk symbol of the city) is built. To finish, a fascinating and creative experience: put some clay in your hands and make your own piece of art!

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The tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish-Englis-French)
  • Transportation
  • Pottery making demostration
  • Create your own piece of art

Practical Information:

  • Place: Camagüey city
  • Distance(round trip): 9 km
  • Time for departure: Before 5 pm
  • Days available: All
  • Recomended clothing: Casual
  • Lenght: 3 hours