Endedans Contemporary Ballet of Camagüey


1 pax  35 cuc 3 pax  20 cuc
2 pax  25 cuc 4 pax  15 cuc


Lunch: +10 cuc

Dance Lesson: +20 cuc


Visit to the Contemporary Ballet of Camagüey

Endorsed by specialist and general public, the Contemporary Ballet Company of Camagüey (Ballet Contemporáneo de Camagüey, previously known as ENDEDANS) represents the best of the dance repertoire of Camagüey and Cuba. Its presentations are a mix of symbolism and spirituality while a combination is made between classic, contemporary dance and elements from modern dance and theater. This Company, created in 2002, enjoys today a deserved reputation in the Cuban cultural space, being supported also for prestigious dancers and choreographers from the international sphere.

The tour includes:

  • Tour Guide (Spanish-English-French)

Practical Information:

  • Place: Camagüey city
  • Distance: 1 km
  • Days available: company’s rehearsal days, previously coordinated. (Depending on the company’s schedule)
  • Recomended clothing: Casual. Confortable
  • Lenght: 1 hour
  • Time for departure: 9 am