Potter´s Wheel Course

potter's wheel course Casanova Camaguey


330.00 CUC per person

Course objective:

Learn the basic skills necessary to be able to use the ceramic lathe in an effective and creative way.

Skills to acquire:

  1. Preparation of the clay: dosage, mixing process, sieving.
  2. Kneading of European and Eastern style: coordinate and master the movements of the kneading, learning to make the pella (mixed clay ready to be use in the lathe).
  3. Know the operation of the lathe depending on the piece to be made.
  4. Knowledge and correct use of the tools used in the lathe.
  5. Positioning of the hands in the lifting and shaping of the pieces.
  6. Finishing: decoration, addition of accessories and polishing.


People over 15 years old, willing and interested to start in the pottery.

Duration: 5 sessions of 3 hours, for three days (The student will need to stay 3 nights in Camagüey).

  • First session begins at 15:00 hours on the first day

  • Second session: 9:00 hours on the second day

  • Third session: 15:00 hours on the second day

  • Fourth session: 9:00 hours on the third day

  • Fifth session: 15:00 hours on the third day


First day

Second day

Third day

Fourth day


 Check in

 7:30 am – Breakfast

 8:30 am – Pick up at lodging place

 9:00 am – Second session

 12:30 pm – Lunch and rest

 7:30 am – Breakfast

 8:30 am – Pick up at lodging place

 9:00 am – Fourth session

 12:30 pm – Lunch and rest


 Check out


 2:30 pm – Pick up at lodging place

 3:00 pm – First session

  3:00 pm – Third session

 3:00 pm – Fifth session







Number of participants per course:

  • Minimum: 3 people

  • Maximum: 6 people

It includes:

  • Instructor
  • Clay
  • Instruments
  • Bottled water
  • Electrical and traditional lathe
  • Apron
  • Bottled water
  • Diploma of participation
  • Accommodation in a single room in Casa Particular that includes 3 breakfasts and 2 lunches
  • Daily transportation to and from the workshop


  • Spanish and English

Workshop location:

  • Casanova Pottery Workshop. City of Camagüey, Cuba.


  • Bernardo Casanova Aróstegui

Distribution of the courses in July and August 2019

July 5-7: Spanish Language
July 13-15: Spanish Language
July 21-23: English Language
August 2-4: English Language
August 10-12: English Language
August 18-20: English Language