• Learn how to turn clay into art in the workshop of Casanovas artists.

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  • Live an exceptional birdwatching experience in Río Máximo Wildlife Refuge.

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  • Share the daily life of a Cuban country familiy

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  • Welcome to Camagüey! Enjoy a bicitaxi ride, a tradicional dinner and a Cuban music night

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  • Get into Sierra de Cubitas to explore its caves and enjoy a refreshing swim on the river

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Excursions in Camagüey, Cuba

Camaguax Tours features a selection of the best excursions and tours in Camagüey. We offer you the best experience in Camagüey, Cuba, guided by people who really knows Camagüey, its culture and legends. Search and book your excursions and tours in Camagüey, Cuba, with Camaguax Tours, a local agency sharing its passion for Camagüey.



Other services



Book lodgning in Camaguey

Book your accommodation in casas particulares in Camagüey city or Santa Lucía beach. Enjoy comfort, good treat and a warm family environment.

group tours

Tours for groups

Discover Camagüey with your family and friends in a profound encounter with its people, traditions and culture.

Transfer in Camaguey

Transportation in Camagüey

Book transport services between Camagüey and any other destination in Cuba. Enjoy a safe and planned trip in Cuba.



Salsa and percussion lessons to get you into the popular Cuban rhythms. Pottery courses are also available, given by the prestigious Casanovas.


Tour Packages

Travel to Camagüey and all around Cuba in a tour package including lodging, transport, meals and excursions.


Restaurants in Camagüey

Take a look into our recommended restaurants in Camagüey. Whether you're looking for a particular cuisine, or just looking for a nearby place to eat, you'll find it right here.