• Know Camagüey in a walking tour around downtown. Get close to its history, culture and its people life.

    Walking tour

  • Make a pot with your own hands! Get close to this ancient pottery tradition in Camagüey

    Pottery making

  • Admire the exceptional beauty of Limones-Tuabaquey ecological reserve in a trek between big limestone walls to the Bonet Hole.

    Limones Tuabaquey

  • Share the daily living of cuban countryside family: harvest cane, learn to sow, drink ¨guarapo¨ and be part of this genuine countryside experience

    Countryside experience

Excursions in Camagüey, Cuba

Camaguax Tours features a selection of the best excursions and tours in Camagüey. We offer you the best experience in Camagüey, Cuba, guided by people who really knows Camagüey, its culture and legends. Search and book your excursions and tours in Camagüey, Cuba, with Camaguax Tours, a local agency sharing its passion for Camagüey.

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Accommodations in Camaguey

We are specialists in Camagüey destination and Playa Santa Lucia. We can arrange your accommodation according to preferences in any of these two destinations in rental homes or hotels. We can also find accommodation in any destination country.

group tours

Tours for groups

These tours are designed for a deeper encounter with Camagüey and its people, therefore they last longer. If you can't find what you are looking for, our specialists will work out a tour program, tailor made for you!

Transfer in Camaguey

Transfer in Camagüey

Camaguax Tours also offers you a way to move around Camagüey by an affordable list of transfers to and from Camagüey’s destinations.



Class sessions of traditional and popular Cuban rhythms. Learn how to dance, enjoy Cuban salsa! If your passion is art, practice one of the best traditions in Camagüey, pottery, turn the clay into art from the hand of the best potters of Camagüey.


Tour Packages

Our way of responding to your desire of visit Cuba without worries. Food, tours, transportation, guide locally can be customized according to your expectations. You can get in touch with the family owner of the house to make you feel like your own.


Restaurants in Camagüey

Plan your meals in Camaguey with us. Here you will find a list of the best Camaguey restaurants. Whether you're looking for a particular cuisine, or just looking for a nearby place to eat, you'll find it right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are excursions intended to be private ones or for groups?

The excursions arranged by Camaguax Tours are private. They are organized when client asks for them-from one to four persons-. It is possible if other clients agree with you, to integrate them to the same excursion. It makes more economical the price to pay for person. We can also facilitate this agreement, if parties consent.

What currencies are in use in Cuba?

Two main currencies are in use in Cuba: CUP-national currency not exchangeable-, and CUC-national denomination changeable, only in Cuba, to foreign currencies. 1 CUC = 25 CUP.
You can change foreign money- Euros, Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Yen, etc, into CUC, and them into CUP, in the Banks and Casas de Cambio (Exchange’s Houses) known as CADECAS. You should not accept changing money proposals by particulars on the streets.
Services offered generally to tourists (transportation, housing and excursions) are paid in CUC. The National Currency (CUP) can be used to pay public transportation and to buy certain minor bargains (fruits and vegetables).

How to get Playa Santa Lucía from Camagüey?

The cheapest way is to get a so called camión particular (big motor vehicle adopted to carrying passengers) in the Estación de Ferro Omnibus (local Bus Station at Finlay Avenue). It takes 2.5 hours to get there, and it is not comfortable. Price per person ranges between 1 ad 2 CUC (25 to 50 CUP). Another option is to take a shared taxi at the same station. It may costs 5 CUC pax. It is also possible to rent a private taxi, it may cost between 40 or 50 CUC.


Where can I fly from to Camagüey?

Right now the safest flights from and to Camagüey are originated in Miami.  Two companies: Jet Blue and American Airlines are flying regularly. Jet Blue flight arrives Camagüey at 12 noon, American Airlines flight, at 4.30 p.m. Cubana de Aviación, our national airline, is not flying regularly from and to Camagüey.

How to get Camagüey once in Cuba?

By bus from Havana, booking a ticket online or in the offices of Via Azul, a state’s ruled company. The trip covering 560 km, lasts 8.30 hours. Ticket costs 33.00 CUC.
In a taxi: The trip lasts 7.00 hours and the price is between 160.00 and 270.00 CUC.
To travel from Santiago, Holguín, Trinidad and other cities the same options are available.

What is the most appropriate season to travel to Camagüey?

The range of temperatures in Cuba is 27° centigrade (81 0F). Months from September to November are of the highest probability for the occurrence of hurricanes. The lesser hot temperatures to face, comes about from December to February. If you wish to practice snorkeling and enjoy of a quiet sea at Playa Santa Lucía, travel between April and September. An impressive Show of feeding sharks takes place between June and January.

Some Cultural Festivals are celebrated in Camagüey and they could be of your interest:

  • Semana de la Cultura: First week of February (Cultural, religious, and recreational activities commemorating the Foundation of the primitive village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, today Camagüey).
  • San Juán Camagüeyano: from June 24 to 29. (Resembling the so popular Cuba’s Carnival Celebrations)
  • National Theater Festival: September

Can I personalize a touristic package with Camaguax Tours?

You can tell us what activities wish to have, and we organize and propose you a program according to our experience. We can do it in Camagüey, as well as integrating the main touristic destinies in Cuba. We can arrange your lodging, transportation and activities. You can find information in Designed Packages.

How to contact Camaguax Tours once in Cuba?

You can ask the person in charge in your place of accommodation, to make a local phone call. Also you can ask him/her to call to our cell phone. For that you should pay 1 CUC for the service. We will call back. Our phones are:  (53) 32 28 73 64 (office) and (53) 58 64 23 28.
If you call from your own cell phone, calling can cost you till 3 CUC per minute. You can also connect to Internet on the Wi Fi zones and write to our email: info@camaguax.com
If you are in Camagüey you can come to our Office, it is open Monday through Saturady from 9 am to 5 pm. We are located at 155 República Street, Apartment 7, second floor. We are so close to Parque Agramonte and Plaza del Gallo.

How to pay for services reserved to Camaguax Tours?

You can pay before coming to Cuba, only by sending money through Western Union Agency. Be sure of sending the amount enough to cover the expenses of your service. You can also pay for your reserved services directly in our Office, when arriving to Camagüey. Pays have to be in effective. You can get effective in Cuba in the Banks or using Automatic Teller Machines accepting Visa or Master Card.